I havnt posted here in ages. Guess everything just all got a bit too much for me and this slipped to the back of the queue, ho hum, not much you can do really.

Lets see... School is plodding along. Just finished a few Modules and mocks recently, so I'm awaiting the results of those. Not really looking forward to the day when they come through too much and I have a strong feeling I'll be retaking Chemistry but, yet again, ho hum. Well, at least it isnt all that bad.

Work seems to be plodding along as well. I get verbal abuse from customers all day but the pay isnt all that bad for a 16 year old, so I'll just keep it up. I do have the next two weekends after this one coming up off though, which combined with half term after that should make for a nice few weeks. See if I cant do some things with friends.

What else... Ah yes, I'm looking to get myself a nice little web host. For what, I'm not really sure yet, but hey, just a place to mess around and call my own wouldnt be all that bad.

Well, its late, and I'm working tomorrow, so its time to sleep.


Ooohoooh, just a small addition

I think I finally know what I want to do in University. "Forensic Science". It seems so bloody interesting and I've been reading over a few course specifications and like what I see. Its biology, chemistry, logic reasoning, law. Practically everything I like crammed into one. Arg, I'm not getting this across very well, but I dont care. *Smiles*
Phew. Well, its been a while since I last posted (Nearly 2 days!!!) but yesterday something very important needed my attention. Specifically, I had to go to court to testify. Oooooooh.

Basically, a while back (10 months... and yes, you have to love the english justice system and how long this has taken to goto court), myself and two friends got mugged =[. Well anyway, after a few delays, an identity parade, and a lot of hassle, I had to goto Juvenile Court with my two friends yesterday to testify. Great fun!!! Admittedly it was just a magistrate presiding over it but still, great fun. I got sworn in, went through my statement, and left. =]

Ah well, when I got back we had a curry for dinner, so that just topped the day off nicely *Smiles*
- No school
- Got to goto court and testify (GREAT FUN!)
- Got a curry for dinner

On the bad side though I didnt get to go out cycling because I got a bloody PUNCTURE. Just about to go out and return the DVD I got yesterday (I'll get onto that soon), so I'll get a puncture repair kit from the hardware store.

:: "Dont Say A Word" ::
All I can say it, bloody amazing film. Its another Psycological film, much like K-Pax, although this is more of a Thriller. Basically its about a man (Michael Douglas) whos daughter is held to ransom by a man (Sean Bean) who wants a number out of this Mental patient's head. Thats very basically though, and I suggest that anyone who gets a chance watches it. I watched it with my family and they all loved it as well, so its not just me *Grins*

Ah well, thats it for now. Back to listening to Creed.


"Wow" is all I can say.

Earth Viewer

Bloody amazing! Its like an interactive satellite picture viewer. You start of with a globe and you can zoom in down to street level. I cant describe how amazing it is! You go from a full view of the globe all the way down to a double decker bus! Definately a must if you've got the internet connection to handle it (I'm running ADSL and it was fine)

Ah well, went downstairs to go riding earlier only to find I had 15 minutes till dinner *Laughs* Probably the most vigorous excersise I've done in the past few months. Trying to cram 30 minutes worth of excersion into 15 minutes. I almost collapsed when I got back (Arg, soooo unfit). Ho hum. Now I sit here and talk to one of my friends whilst listening to Creed.
And home again *Laughs* This really is starting to get a bit confusing. I dont think I can keep track of all this to and from school stuff. Ah well, time to sit back and listen to some music again (Nickleback at the moment) until its time for me to go out again, this time to the doctor's.

I think I might be going longsighted as well (ARG), got to check when my next appointment to get my eyes tested is. I know I have to have one every year, just not sure when it is this year. Ah well, could just be that I'm tired. That and it only seems to happen on this monitor. Grrr.
Owch, just got home about 25 minutes ago after a double maths session. Not only was it double maths but it was double quadratics as well. ARG! Two hours worth of quadratics and I was almost ready to pass out. ITS SO REPETATIVE! Arg arg arg.

Ah well, back to school in about 20 minutes for chemistry and computer studies. Annoying thing is, the chemistry lesson is in a lecture room and the computer studies lesson is a theory. Ah well, IT theory isnt all that bad. Not sure what today's lesson'll be but the last one on number bases wasnt all that bad.

Well, ho hum. Just found out there are even more problems with my job that I'll need to sort out. ARG


Ahhhhhh, finally. For the past what... 9 hours, I've sat down for about 10 minutes in total. Bloody stupid if you ask me. Back and forth from the warehouse to the shopfloor, walking around helping customers, ERG, and I havnt even been paid yet!!!

Ah well, no more work for another 5 days, just need to get back to school mentality now.

I think I smell dinner downstairs so I'll finish up here for now. Going to have dinner, then hopefully get out on the bike for about 30 minutes. Although the sun's starting to go down now (ARG).


Erg... definately a long day at work.

I work as a Customer Services Representative in a big computer store in the UK called PC World so basically my day consists of standing behind a counter and getting shouted at by irate customers who want refunds, or repairs, or something. Thankfully today wasnt such a bad day, and there were no really irate customers (Although a few very rude ones, although thats normal), but on the downside I did have to spend about 5 hours straight behind a till and that can REALLY get to you. Endless swiping of credit cards and scanning of barcodes, I think I must have fallen asleep at one point but still carried on scanning *Laughs*

Ah well. Parents had cooked a nice curry when I got home so I had that and then a long soak in the bath and now I'm feeling better. Work tomorrow though (Erg), but hopefully I can get some of the others to go on tills, and I can just stand and get shouted at by customers. *Grins*

Annoyingly I got home at 1900 today so I didnt have time to go out biking, need to really go for it tomorrow... I might take by bike to work tomorrow, its not such a bad route, and it'll give me about 5 minutes there and 5 minutes back plus another half hour at the end of the day.

I would have liked to have gone swimming at the end of the day on Monday but I managed to get an appointment with the family GP just to talk about my acne (Yes, vain arnt I... Hehehe) and an annoying Verruca I seem to have developed on my foot (Although it dosnt actually hurt or anything which I thought verrucas did *Shrugs*)

Hmm... What else... Ah yes! I was reading over today's news on the BBC website and I came across this. Its an interesting article about Blackholes and Star clusters, so I recommend it as a read to anyone whos into science or just wants to keep up to date.

Carrying on from my post yesterday about cruelty and such towards members of your own family, a couple were sentenced yesterday on charges of manslaughter and child cruelty after they killed their 2 year old daughter some time back in January. I know its good that justice has been served and they're going to prison but it still sickens me how little they got off with. The justice system over here really needs some work, but I wont go into that now or I'd be here forever (No life without parole and no death sentence). BBC News have more on that.

Ah well, guess I better get some sleep soon or there'll be nothing left of me within a week.
Whoops, nearly overslept. Oh well, no time to chat. I'm off to work!


Wow, just finished watching a great film called K-Pax. Definately a film which makes you think and is really quite touching. If you havnt seen it yet then I would suggest watching it, although it might not be to everyone's taste.

Well, off to bed now
But before I go downstairs! Even more science related discoveries!

BBC News
Gah, I went cycling round for a while, came back and found that I'd only been out for about 20 minutes =[

I did cycle to and from school today though so I guess that kind of counts... Dosnt it?... Okay so it dosnt really. Guess I'll have to make up for it tomorrow. (Yeah I know... Let a bit slip here and there and theres no point)


Arnt little kids so nice. My mum's a childminder and theres one little kid whos about 18 months old. I swear she never stops smiling. In all the time that my mum's been looking after her I've heard her cry once. She's perma-happy, its amazing. You can have a completely crap day at school, come home, and she'll just toddle around, waving at you when you come in, and smiling. Shame my sister wasnt like that when she was young *Laughs*

Oh well, guess I'll do downstairs until dinner, then maybe come back up here later and see who's online.
And I'm back! Well, actually I got back a while ago but I had a few things I needed to do first. Ho hum.

Well, today was alright, although for some strange reason after about 10 minutes of IT I suddenly got very tired. Not just that normal "I could really goto sleep now" but the kind of tired and weak you get when you've got the flu or something. Not sure why, I was fine once I'd got up and moving again though. *Shrug* Need to get out on my bike sometime soon, looks like it might rain, and I dont really want to get wet (Not that its going to stop me *Smiles*)

Seems people have already organised going out tonight. To where and to do what? To a graveyard to get drunk... ???... Not really the most appealing of ideas so myself and one of my other friends decided to refrain from said activity (Heh). The idea of going to a graveyard for the soul reason of getting drunk just dosnt really appeal to me (Strange eh?). Ah well, I'll just stay at home for the evening and chat to some other friends online. (Hmmm, wasnt that what I did last night, and the night before that, and the night before that? *Smirks*)

Ah well, time to go cycling.

Right, on me bike (I think, might walk...) and back to school. Interestingly the biology teacher wasnt here yesterday so they might not be again today, which could mean I'm home early. Nice as school is thats still an appealing thought.

Might see if I can get a few friends together and go out tonight or something. I'll see.
To school, back from school, to school, back from school.

I've got the first two periods off every Friday but until Half Term I still have to go in for registration! Ah well, found a way to at least get something out of it and thats by going biking. Bike there, register, then bike around for 20-30 minutes and go home. Maybe once I dont have to register I can haul ass up to the swimming pool every Friday and get some excersise in that way *Crosses fingers* See how it goes I guess.

Ah well, back to school in about an hour or so. Chemisty, Computer Studies, and Biology... Not such a bad day really. Then again, considering I only have to do Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computing these days (Oh how much I love the Sixth Form), every day is pretty much a good day.


Watching the news recently and I cant help but wonder how any parent or husband could do the kind of things that have featured recently. There was CCTV footage of a woman in America beating her little girl while she put her into the car today, I just cant imagine how anyone could do that kind of thing to a child, let only your own child. That and the man here in the UK recently who killed his wife and son, it sickens me how you could do that to other people, but family... *Sigh*

Well, back to listening to some music and chatting to friends I think.


Well, after sitting here chatting for some friends for a while I think I'll head off to sleep. I have to get up at 7:30am every day of the week (School in the week, work at the weekends) so I've been getting quite tired recently and have now decided to try and catch up on some sleep.

But, for something completely random to leave you with that came up in one of the conversations I had this evening:

As a matter of fact, it is rocket science.
Astroglide® was created by Daniel Wray, a former NASA aerospace chemist, while working on the Space Shuttle.

The Astroglide website

Made me laugh a bit *Chuckles*
Well that was sucessful.

After complaints that I dont spend enough time with the family I go downstairs in an effort to show that I'm not a complete social deficite (Or something...), only to be told after 5 minutes that I'm making too much noise russling the paper. I then attempt to talk to my mum about an article in the paper she's reading and my dad again re-itereates that I'm making too much noise. Bugger that, off I went. Ho hum.

For those interested this is the article that I was trying to discuss with my mum (Well, the BBC's version of it as opposed to the Times'). Damn interesting if you ask me, then again, I like science, so it would be.

Roll on Star trek eh? *Grins*

Ah well, back to music and chatting to friends. *Listens to some Tenacious D*
*Tweaks it a little here... changes that there... uses a different template*

Hmm, this looks good, heh. Shame I didnt find these extra preset templates earlier, could have saved me some time *Laughs*

Oh well, might fiddle around with it a bit more tomorrow, nice to know that your actually allowed to edit the template, so I'll see what I can add, maybe get that little bit of me in there (Thats an Error to people who dont know me =] ) but now, downstairs to see the family I think. They alrrady think I spend too much time on the comp... Which I guess I do *Chuckles*
Well, first post and I'm just trying to get used to this whole Blogg thing. Seems like a great idea, although I'm not sure if I can get used to this whole Blog*Spot interface thing. Might end up just writing my own site and putting everything on that. Ah well, see how this goes.

Hmm, well, I've had a sudden "Get fit, get healthly, etc." urge today and so I've made it my aim to go cycling for at least 30 minutes a day. I would do more excersise but with Work at the weekends and school during the week I just cant find the free time anymore. Ah well, I think I'll just sit here and listen to some more music for a while then maybe go down and chat to the family.