Ooohoooh, just a small addition

I think I finally know what I want to do in University. "Forensic Science". It seems so bloody interesting and I've been reading over a few course specifications and like what I see. Its biology, chemistry, logic reasoning, law. Practically everything I like crammed into one. Arg, I'm not getting this across very well, but I dont care. *Smiles*
Phew. Well, its been a while since I last posted (Nearly 2 days!!!) but yesterday something very important needed my attention. Specifically, I had to go to court to testify. Oooooooh.

Basically, a while back (10 months... and yes, you have to love the english justice system and how long this has taken to goto court), myself and two friends got mugged =[. Well anyway, after a few delays, an identity parade, and a lot of hassle, I had to goto Juvenile Court with my two friends yesterday to testify. Great fun!!! Admittedly it was just a magistrate presiding over it but still, great fun. I got sworn in, went through my statement, and left. =]

Ah well, when I got back we had a curry for dinner, so that just topped the day off nicely *Smiles*
- No school
- Got to goto court and testify (GREAT FUN!)
- Got a curry for dinner

On the bad side though I didnt get to go out cycling because I got a bloody PUNCTURE. Just about to go out and return the DVD I got yesterday (I'll get onto that soon), so I'll get a puncture repair kit from the hardware store.

:: "Dont Say A Word" ::
All I can say it, bloody amazing film. Its another Psycological film, much like K-Pax, although this is more of a Thriller. Basically its about a man (Michael Douglas) whos daughter is held to ransom by a man (Sean Bean) who wants a number out of this Mental patient's head. Thats very basically though, and I suggest that anyone who gets a chance watches it. I watched it with my family and they all loved it as well, so its not just me *Grins*

Ah well, thats it for now. Back to listening to Creed.


"Wow" is all I can say.

Earth Viewer

Bloody amazing! Its like an interactive satellite picture viewer. You start of with a globe and you can zoom in down to street level. I cant describe how amazing it is! You go from a full view of the globe all the way down to a double decker bus! Definately a must if you've got the internet connection to handle it (I'm running ADSL and it was fine)

Ah well, went downstairs to go riding earlier only to find I had 15 minutes till dinner *Laughs* Probably the most vigorous excersise I've done in the past few months. Trying to cram 30 minutes worth of excersion into 15 minutes. I almost collapsed when I got back (Arg, soooo unfit). Ho hum. Now I sit here and talk to one of my friends whilst listening to Creed.
And home again *Laughs* This really is starting to get a bit confusing. I dont think I can keep track of all this to and from school stuff. Ah well, time to sit back and listen to some music again (Nickleback at the moment) until its time for me to go out again, this time to the doctor's.

I think I might be going longsighted as well (ARG), got to check when my next appointment to get my eyes tested is. I know I have to have one every year, just not sure when it is this year. Ah well, could just be that I'm tired. That and it only seems to happen on this monitor. Grrr.
Owch, just got home about 25 minutes ago after a double maths session. Not only was it double maths but it was double quadratics as well. ARG! Two hours worth of quadratics and I was almost ready to pass out. ITS SO REPETATIVE! Arg arg arg.

Ah well, back to school in about 20 minutes for chemistry and computer studies. Annoying thing is, the chemistry lesson is in a lecture room and the computer studies lesson is a theory. Ah well, IT theory isnt all that bad. Not sure what today's lesson'll be but the last one on number bases wasnt all that bad.

Well, ho hum. Just found out there are even more problems with my job that I'll need to sort out. ARG


Ahhhhhh, finally. For the past what... 9 hours, I've sat down for about 10 minutes in total. Bloody stupid if you ask me. Back and forth from the warehouse to the shopfloor, walking around helping customers, ERG, and I havnt even been paid yet!!!

Ah well, no more work for another 5 days, just need to get back to school mentality now.

I think I smell dinner downstairs so I'll finish up here for now. Going to have dinner, then hopefully get out on the bike for about 30 minutes. Although the sun's starting to go down now (ARG).