I havnt posted here in ages. Guess everything just all got a bit too much for me and this slipped to the back of the queue, ho hum, not much you can do really.

Lets see... School is plodding along. Just finished a few Modules and mocks recently, so I'm awaiting the results of those. Not really looking forward to the day when they come through too much and I have a strong feeling I'll be retaking Chemistry but, yet again, ho hum. Well, at least it isnt all that bad.

Work seems to be plodding along as well. I get verbal abuse from customers all day but the pay isnt all that bad for a 16 year old, so I'll just keep it up. I do have the next two weekends after this one coming up off though, which combined with half term after that should make for a nice few weeks. See if I cant do some things with friends.

What else... Ah yes, I'm looking to get myself a nice little web host. For what, I'm not really sure yet, but hey, just a place to mess around and call my own wouldnt be all that bad.

Well, its late, and I'm working tomorrow, so its time to sleep.